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tapenta rhetoris, the RSS/ATOM newsspeaker, reads the news aloud – while they're still hot.
Stay informed without perpetually polling your blogs. Just listen to the headline, or read the popup – then decide if it's worth to read the whole article.

  • stops when you're away - continues when you're back
  • fades iTunes as news come in
  • integrates with growl to present headlines
  • full webpage rendering support
  • fast database to search news items
  • distinguish feeds by color and voice
  • in english, french and german

programmed and designed by:
  • Q: Nessie ate my registration-code, can You send it again, please?
    A: You enter your email address:
  • Q: How do I enter the registration-code?
    A: Open the preferences (cmd-,), then copy-paste the code from the email you've received.
  • Q: How do I add feeds?
    A: Drag the page icon or feed-link to the feed list and drop it.